Computer Cerber Ransomware Virus

Say that we may not believe, my computer actually got a virus! ! The key is the computer installed Tencent computer butler, a no role in the role, did not kill, after the fact there is no solution.

After coming to the company on Friday morning, turn on the computer. Computer open, found that the icon on the desktop is not quite right ah, remember clearly there are several commonly used documents, why became an unknown format of the white icon, but also can not open. Then i saw a few more files, there was a TXT, opened after a string of English. According to txt in English translated on Baidu, which basically means that the document has been encrypted, if to decrypt the ransom. (The message document is very long, just intercepting the first screen)

By the way, according to the encrypted document suffix .cerber search, found that many similar situations on the Internet, probably from April this year began to wreak havoc, so far, including china 360 and Tencent computer butlers, including some well-known soft no effective specific protection and solutions …

Since there is no way to dispose of the virus, there is no way to unlock the encrypted documents, so only the most stupid and most primitive and most effective way. Yes, it’s formatting the hard drive, redotheting the system! Well, the cerber ransomware virus is not so perverted, not written to bios or anything. Fortunately, the most important document on my computer is only one document, and it is 80% backed up.

It seems that it is not only the website that needs to be backed up regularly, but also the files on the computer have to be backed up regularly.

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