Win10 How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

Recently, defensegod met a lot of friends said that the new Lenovo computer comes with a anti-virus software McAfee, and the trial period has passed, said I want to activate the subscription. Not only boot also takes up a lot of resources, but also as good as installing a 360 Total Security what is good. But here’s the question, how to unload McAfee. This small editor here teaches everyone how to unload.

In fact, unloading Mcafee is also very simple, I take the picture as an example for you to explain.

1: Press Windows keys and find the Mcafee program in all apps.

2: Then come to our second image, below, find McAfee software, right-click uninstall.

3: Screenshot after the following

4: There is no Mcafee software after the restart. And don’t let Mcafee take up your valuable system resources.

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