Must-have computer skills 1. Microsoft Office

An office would find it difficult to function without Microsoft Office. The suite has a set of tools that almost all functions at all workplaces have some use for. If you are still not very confident about your MS Office skills, brush them up before you start losing out on excellent job opportunities just because of this one shortcoming. Here is what all you need to learn:

  • Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets are incredibly versatile tools for storing and organizing tabular data, doing calculations on it and performing some strong analytics. As the focus shifts to data in nearly all workplaces, it will become all the more important for workers at all levels to have to deal with at least some bit of it through Excel files. In this scenario, not knowing Excel well will snap points off your resume.

  • PowerPoint

Presentations are a means of succinctly communicating the results of your work or an idea with others. Being able to quickly put up decent presentations without faltering is a skill you can highlight during interviews.

  • Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access extends the data storage and analysis capability of Excel. While spreadsheets work splendidly for relatively small amounts of data, Access supports database management for huge volumes. It’s an extremely useful skill to have if your profile requires working with large datasets like those of annual sales figures.

  • QuickBooks

QuickBooks is accounting software useful in accomplishing a range of tasks like managing bills, invoicing, tracking miles, managing contracts, reporting, inventory management and capital management. It finds applications most commonly in small to medium sized businesses. Owing to its versatility and reliability, QuickBooks has become a very popular tool and being able to use it will be an add-on in your resume.

  • OneNote

OneNote is an interesting application that lets you store a variety of styles of notes from handwritten notes to screenshots to audio clippings to sketches. Many different users can collaborate and store their notes together in one place.

  • Email

Almost all of business communication happens on email. Writing mails that put your point across without being wordy make you come across as professional and well put together.

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