I’d rather use Win7 than Win10

Since Microsoft launched its new Windows system, Win10, at the end of July 2015, more and more users have started using the Win10 system. However, a significant number of users are reluctant to use the Win10 system and choose to use the Win7 system. This is mainly due to win10 itself is not perfect, so users are reluctant to use Win10, and on the other hand, because Win7 itself has many advantages, there is no need to upgrade to use Win10.

1. Personalize your desktop

In WIN7, users can do more on their desktop and personalize their settings. In addition, win 7 built-in theme package brings not only local changes, but also the overall style of uniform wallpapers, panel tones, and even system sounds can be selected according to user preferences. Although these are also in Win10, but the small editor felt that Win10 operation is too troublesome, not Win7 operation so handy.

2. Compatibility is good

Microsoft is an important part of the global IT industry chain, and many companies around the world have software or hardware around Win7. World-renowned vendors such as Sony, ATI, NVIDIA and others have said they will be able to ensure that their products are compatible with the official version of Windows 7. Win10 in compatibility to the user’s impression is very poor, there are a lot of software can not be compatible with Win10 system.

3. Hibernation and start-up

When developing Win 7, Microsoft always puts performance first. Not only has Win 7 been significantly improved in system boot time, but even details such as the wake-up system from sleep mode have been improved, making Win 7 a faster-to-react, refreshing operating system. Although many users said that Win10 will improve in this regard, but small editor feel that many users are still used to using Win7.

4. User’s security

Microsoft has revolutionized the security feature of user account control, and users will have more freedom in setting up. With the development of technology, win7 may not be as good as Win10 in some security areas, but at least Win7 won’t be as forced to collect information about users when updated, as Win10 does, which is the most objectionable place for users.

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