These 9 computer tricks you must be!

First: will search, do not ask anyone else.

First of all, the most basic, the most basic skills is to learn to use search, whether Google or Baidu or 360 search, now society, you encounter any problems are basically someone else has met, has been asked online and has been resolved, whether it is mobile phone problems, computer problems, software use or even operational promotion, and then or find what resources, first search on the Internet, 99% of the problem can be solved, if you can not solve the problem to ask others, you are not only able to improve their ability to improve.

Second: will download, install, uninstall the software.

First download, first to the software’s official website download, if you are using search to download, do not pay attention to those areas that attract you click are not the download button you really want, this before the Pacific download or system home download site is particularly obvious, now even Baidu has become so disgusting, you Through Baidu search software, will provide you with a “high-speed download” button, the so-called “high-speed download” is generally the first to let you download and install a Baidu downloader, and then through the downloader to download the software you want, remember the million points “ordinary download.”

Second installation, to learn to customize the installation, choose the installation location.

Uninstall again, directly to the control panel.

Third: will use Office office software

The most basic three suites in Office office software Word, Excel, PPT, this is the most common office software, at least should master: Word long document editing, graphic mix, directory, style and so on knowledge, Excel fill data, validity, basic formulas, functions, PPT production, master and template application, and so on.

Fourth: will set up the router, set up the network

Routers become more popular, will set the router is the premise of the Internet, with the improvement of technology, router settings have become more and more simple, according to the instructions step by step operation is basically no problem.

And specific to each computer, first of all to know the network card, basically half of the network problems are network card-driven problems, the use of drive pokemon or life and other direct drive can be, and then if the computer network has a problem, direct right-click computer status bar right network signal, choose troubleshooting, WIN7 above (including Win7) system can basically repair the network.

Fifth: keyboard will be used

Blind fight ingress is necessary, in fact, 26 letters on the keyboard position does not need to deliberately go back, typing when using two hands, a long time, blind play natural lying.

Then there is to know, s, how to play out, as well as Chinese and English switch, Caps case and so on.

Familiarize yourself with an input method and remember the specific techniques of the input method, such as “Enter chinese characters you don’t know” in the Sogou Pinyin input method, you can enter “U” before entering a part of the word, such as “””” and “uhuo”.

Sixth: will lay out the desktop

Desktop is the most direct interface to use the computer, this interface to ensure two things: simple, shortcut.

The so-called concise, that is, do not put all the documents and materials on the desktop, the so-called shortcut, that is, the desktop commonly used software and files, information, etc. to try to use shortcuts, their own files to be placed in other disk.

8th: will optimize the computer

First of all do not install too much anti-virus, or security optimization software, in fact, for win10, the system comes with MSE has been very powerful, no need to kill soft. And for the optimization of cleaning or security software, do not 360, Jinshan, Tencent together, remember one is completely enough, for Xiaobai, 360 security guard is definitely the most suitable for you.

9: Learn some basic shortcuts

Some basic shortcuts can greatly improve the efficiency of your computer, especially win key shortcuts to learn, such as Win-D back to the desktop, Win-L lock screen, Win-Ctrl-D to create a new virtual desktop, Ctrl-All-Del task manager and so on.

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