WIN10 system in addition to online upgrade through Windows Update, but also can download the official iso file local upgrade installation, iso file is a mirror file containing all the functions of the win10 system, can be used for engraving installation, can also be directly unzipable installation.

Win10 Pro iso Mirror Direct Installation Method:

1, use WinRAR to unzip the win10 iso image to the partition outside the C disk, or directly use the virtual optical drive to load;

2, run setup.exe open the installation interface, choose whether to download the update immediately, the general choice is not now, the next step;

Win10 Pro iso Mirror Direct Installation Method

3, click to accept the license agreement for the next step;

4, upgrade is upgraded to win10, customization is overwriting installation;

5, choose the upgraded user, choose the content to retain, the next step;

6, perform computer scanning and detection, ready, click on the installation;

7, enter the next interface, start installing win10 system;

8, then restart the computer, win10 installation operation, installation will be completed automatically;

9, after the installation is complete, if the prompt is not activated, run win10 activation tool, click a click to activate permanently.

Win10 iso files are also a type of compressed files that can be extracted directly using the latest decompression software or opened with a virtual optical drive.

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