How to deal with what you may be a victim of pirated software

When you’re using your computer, well, all of a sudden there’s a “you may be a victim of pirated software” and problems like Windows inactivation. What, affect operation, hello bitch! So how do you solve that you may be the victim of pirated software? Below, the small editor tells us about the solution syllables that you may be the victim of pirated software.

When using a computer, the “you may be a victim of pirated software” prompt, some users even suspect themselves, is it their installed system is not activated? Not necessarily, there are many reasons, strange, naturally need not say, but even the genuine will be misjudged. Pit Dad, below, small editor to share with you you may be a victim of pirated software processing experience.

How you may be the victim of pirated software

Once you encounter such a prompt, if it is a genuine operating system, usually have a key, re-enter, activation can be. Use the Windows-E shortcut s /U.S. Explorer to open the control panel.

Control Panel – System and Safety.

System and Security System.

System properties – Pull to the bottom, if you do not activate the click after entering the key.

Note that it is also possible that activation is already displayed here, but there are no activation prompts. The activation tool is now required.

There are many activation tools, some of which can be misjudged by security software as dangerous (crackers can be misjudged).

For example, McAfee is very good to use, eliminate the enterprise version of the rules set, more suitable for home users, defense capabilities in the anti-virus software belongs to the strongest, its advantages lie in strong monitoring, 24 hours to provide strong protection of the system, effectively solve unknown virus infection, timely block ingenuity and humanization, the only drawback is that can not exclude dangerous files.

Here’s what you’re having: You may be a victim of pirated software.

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