How to make a backup of the computer system

I do not know whether the small partners have to the computer file software backup habits, anyway, small editor I do not have this habit. One of the big reasons I can’t keep up with this backup habit is that I’m always prone to forget and procrastination. But today’s small editor to say is how to give the computer system backup problem, so little partners, we go down to look down?

On how to back up the computer, the small partner has any ideas? Would you like to give your computer a backup? If you want to, then patiently continue to watch Oh , because the small editor I will be in the next big trick mode – to show you how to give the computer backup.

We click Start, then find and open The Control Panel, then enter, then open System and Security, then find and click Back up and restore from inside.

Once you’ve clicked in, find and click “Create a System Image” on the left, and then in the window that appears, select the location of the system backup. Once you’ve selected, click Next

Then is to choose the files you want to back up, generally back up C disk and D disk on it, select the next step after the point

Finally click to start the backup, he will automatically back up.

Wait until the backup is ready and then close it

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