Best Android Antivirus Apps at a Glance

Today smartphones are more than just the means of communication: we store both personal information and bank account data in our smartphones. Mobile devices also allow us to solve many problems on the go, and this has made life much easier for people.

At the same time, confidential information, which is the primary target of cybercriminals, is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Moreover, devices and data can be lost and stolen. We risk losing them if we treat the issue of data protection carelessly.

Antivirus apps are as popular among users as the most popular social media apps. Also, malware and viruses can break the normal Android functionality, making the work with your smartphone inconvenient.

There are several security rules for owners of Android smartphones. First, do not download apps from the third-parties and do not follow suspicious links. Second, do not pay online if connected to public Wi-Fi, and do not forget to install antivirus on your phone.

In the review, we will talk about the best antivirus apps for Android devices. The review is based on the results of tests by leading antivirus labs. We included the following products:

  1. McAfee Mobile Security & Power Booster Free

 McAfee Mobile Security & Power Booster Free

We like:
  • Variety of available features
  • Clear interface
  • The application does not use a lot of system resources
We don’t like:
  • Quite an expensive pricing
  • Too many ads in the free plan

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