Turn on windows defender scan Trojan virus

Under the lure of Microsoft’s free upgrade win10 policy, many win7 and win8 users have upgraded their systems to win10. Although the hardware requirements for the win10 system upgrade are low, some users with tight configurations still have some problems. Due to the lack of computer memory, so that they can not use third-party antivirus software, then what do we want to ensure the security of win10 computer?

Defender’s power-on method

Defender is turned off by default, and we can only turn it on manually. So how do we turn on defender antivirus software?

1, from the win10 system start menu to open the control panel.

2、将控制面板的查看方式选择为“大图标”,然后从列表中打开windows defender就可以顺利打开了。





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