Preventing The Intrusion of Network Viruses

With the popularization of computers and the development of network technology, computer viruses are also more rampant, to many enterprises and individuals caused countless losses.

Various types and characteristics of computer viruses

According to the system of computer virus attack, the common computer virus esmodovirus, Windows virus and macro virus 3 kinds. Computer virus and medical “virus” is different, it is some people do not like to take advantage of computer software, hardware inherent vulnerability and prepared some code with special functions, with hidden, infectious, latent, destructive and parasitic characteristics.

1, the type of computer virus

DOS virus

DOS virus is a computer virus that can only attack and infect in DOS environment, and is the first computer virus to appear on a personal computer.

Windows Virus

This type of virus refers to a virus that can infect a Windows executable program and can run under Windows. A considerable number of DOS viruses can run, spread, and destroy under the DOS window of Windows, but they are not Yet the object of Windows virus infection and can be divided into Windows viruses infected with NE-format executable programs, Windows viruses infected with PE-format executableprograms.

Macro virus

With the widespread use of Microsoft’s Word Word Processing software and the popularity of the Internet, the virus family has a new member, that is, macro virus. A macro virus is a computer virus that is stored in a macro in a document or template. Once such a document is opened, the macro virus is activated and transferred to the computer, where the difference resides on the Normal template. From then on, all auto-saved documents will be infected with the macro virus, and if another user opens the infected document, the macro virus will be transferred to his computer.

2, the characteristics of computer viruses


Stealth refers to the presence, transmission, and destruction of data by viruses that are not easily discovered by computer operators.


Infectious refers to computer viruses under certain conditions can be copied themselves, and can infect other files of files or systems. Infectious is one of the most basic characteristics of computer viruses.


A computer virus infects a computer’s files and does not run immediately, but it takes some time before it begins to infect and destroy the files or systems in the computer.


Computer poisoning, the plot is light will cause the computer to run slower, hard disk space becomes smaller, seriously will lead to data loss in the computer, and even system crash.


Computer viruses usually exist on other files.

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