Which antivirus software is the most useful

Which anti-virus software is the most practical best and occupies small memory, advertising is also less? This problem is a lot of people concerned, the following computer knowledge learning network small editor to give everyone to talk about anti-virus software those things!

As we all know, China’s anti-virus software from the first 360 to implement free, other anti-virus software manufacturers have been forced to free, this is why? Because of free behind, anti-virus software manufacturers have greater financial benefits, who called us Chinese like to eat free meals? Or back to the subject of the problem, which anti-virus software is the best!

In fact, whether it is 360, mcafee,Jinshan drug lord, Ruixing anti-virus, Tencent computer butler, Baidu anti-virus … Such anti-virus software, as long as it is free, will be accompanied by push edgout ads, from time to time, irregular pop-up to the user’s eyes, that is, the common installation of such software, installation of such software, lock their own URL navigation home page and so on. And anti-virus performance, in fact, to the current level of technology, are similar, so to use no advertising antivirus software, either to buy foreign paid antivirus software, or on their own to open anti-virus software or security guards as far as possible to remove annoying tips, there is a small editor to give you some other suggestions:

1, a computer only installed a brand of anti-virus software, otherwise it will be very card, occupy memory is very high;

2, try to use only anti-virus software or only use security guards, or only use anti-virus and security software;

In addition, is to choose a favorite, accustomed to anti-virus software as the patron saint of computers.

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