Kill Computer Viruses and TrojanS

Computer virus to the computer is extremely harmful, and with the popularity of the network, the spread of computer viruses very fast, the following will introduce the computer virus related knowledge points, so that netizens understand the virus and Trojan horse program, can better prevent computer viruses ready.
Computer Viruses and TrojanS
To guard against computer viruses and Trojans, we must first know what is the basic concept of computer viruses and Trojans.
1, what is a computer virus
A computer virus is a program that essentially refers to the preparation or insertion of a set of computer instructions or program code that destroys computer functions, data, affects the normal functioning of a computer and can self-copy. They, like biological viruses, have the ability to replicate and spread. Computer virus eslonger, but parasitic in other executable programs, has a strong hidden and destructive, once the working environment to meet the requirements of the virus outbreak, it will affect the normal work of the computer, and even the entire computer system is paralyzed.
2, what is a Trojan horse program
Trojan is a malicious remote control program, can control or manipulate the remote computer, consisting of local and remote two-part program. Such programs are generally transmitted by e-mail or posing as downloadable files, as long as the user downloads this program to the computer, the program will automatically run and modify the registry or startup files, and the computer into the network, hackers can remotecontrol of the computer, randomly view, modify, copy or delete files in the computer, or even make the computer restart or shut down.
3. How to judge computer viruses and Trojanhorses
Whether it’s viruses and wooden knives using multi-hidden technology, we can find clues in the process. Therefore, viewing the active processes in the system is the most direct way to detect computer viruses and Trojans.
When it is determined that a virus exists in the system, but no different processes can be found when viewing the process in the system through the Task Manager, it indicates that the virus has adopted some covert measures, mainly divided into the following two cases.
A, false true: the normal process in the system has svchost.exe, explorer.exe, iexpore.exe, winlogon.exe, etc., if found to exist: svch0st.exe, i.exe, winlogin.exe similar processes, which indicates that the virus already exists. Typically, the virus changes the o of the normal process name in the system to 0, l to i, i to j, just one word difference, or one more letter or one less letter to confuse the user.
b, steal beam for column: using “task manager” can not view the process corresponding executable file this defect, the virus can copy itself to the C: WINDOWS directory, and changed its name to svchost.exe (normal svchost.exet process response executable files are located in the C: WINDOWSSystem32 directory), so that we in “Task Manager” The process name you see in the window is also svchost.exe, the same as the normal system process name.
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